Sometimes farm life equates to some trial and error.  Whether we’ve read something online, heard others talk about it, or “think!” it’ll work – we may venture out and experiment with new ideas!  This week we’ve worked on two!

First, we rigged up a new place to start out our seedlings on the farm.  In the past they’ve germinated in Jeremy’s garage.  Then we tried simply setting them inside the greenhouse.  Now, they have their own shelving unit and grow lights.  This should help us cycle seeds faster and allow us to produce lettuce quicker.

Secondly, we’re experimenting with a new NFT system in part of the greenhouse.  NFT simply means Nutrient Film Technique.  This system is a hydroponic system.  It is separate from our aquaponic system and the fish that are used there.  In hydroponics, just like aquaponics, there is no soil.  We pump nutrient water through PVC pipes to the roots of our lettuce plants and we watch them grow.  We hope to have a positive update on this in next week’s blog since we planted over 200 lettuce seeds today in the NFT.

The lettuce that we delivered to Legal Remedy Brewpub and Legal Remedy Riverwalk looked (and tasted!) outstanding this week.  The tweaks we’ve been making to our aquaponic system and yielding dividends and we’re ecstatic about that!

If you’re in and around Fort Mill this weekend – stop by and see us at the Fort Mill Farmer’s Market!

Thanks for your support!