This has been a week of new beginnings for many of us.  School has started back.  New classes, new friends, and in some cases new schools!  Here at the farm, we try to make sure there are new beginnings every week as well.   We are in a groove where we seed 800 new heads of lettuce each week.  When the system is fully stocked there will be close to 2,500 heads of lettuce in the greenhouse and our hope is to be able to move 800 -1,000 heads per week.  It’s a lofty goal: but it’s attainable.

We’re also experimenting in the back as we kill off grass and weeds with the use of tarps so that we can plant and bring forth new life in a few weeks.  We can’t (and won’t) use chemicals due to the bees and the fish.  So, it’s an old school way of killing off the land.  In fact, we’re thankful that these tarps survived the radar indicated tornado in Chester County earlier this week.  Brad Panovich is the man with the plan!

When I was hired, I asked Jeremy about snakes.  He told me he’d only seen one and it was small and awhile ago. I’m not saying he lied: so I’ll say I had a new experience.  I let him live and go on his way – but I’d prefer not to see him again.

Each week new experiences take place.  We’re planning for new opportunities and new investments.  And, in fact, each week we meet more new friends at the Fort Mill Farmer’s Market.  There’s a lot of new things in our lives, now that I think about it.

Have a great weekend and come see us on Saturday!