Life is hard.  There’s chaos.  Loss.  Difficulty. Exhaustion. Back to school emotions. Covid emotions. The list goes on and on.  We all work and toil for the betterment of our families and those around us.  The reality is, as we work, we also need to take a moment to stop, rest, get refreshed and reset.

Earlier this week we received a lot of rain at the farm.  Rain is a good thing!  It provides the nutrients and nourishment our produce needs.  It also gives us a little break. New life is showing in the beds that we’ve planted a few weeks ago.  But we’ve also experienced loss.  2 beds that were planted a few weeks ago never germinated.  So, we replanted this week in hopes of being able to produce a harvest before the first frost later this year.

The rain – the refreshment – has produced lots of beautiful flowers and beautiful produce.  Produce always does better when God brings the rain rather than when we bring the garden hose.  God knows what we need and provides that for us. He cares for his earth and his creation.  He cares for us, too. Let’s follow His example each week in our lives as we seek to find that rest and refreshment.  If it happens with plants – I guarantee that it will happen in your life.  Seek that rest and Worship in Him this coming weekend.

Don’t forget.  We’ll see you Saturday at the Fort Mill Farmers Market.  If you haven’t reserved a bag of JOY – reach out now!