There are always projects at the farm.  While a lot of this week has involved rain and storms – there have been some much needed projects we have been able to accomplish.  We were never successful keeping deer out with our electric fence.  We rigged up some netting earlier this summer that proved effective.  However, it’s been a pain to deal with.  Today we dug 7 holes and put in 12 foot 4×4 posts and put up new netting.  Tonight will be the test.  Hopefully they’ll prove just as effective and also let us be able to work our grow beds much easier.

Earlier this week, with the rain, I was able to take my 5 year old Caleb out to the farm.  We didn’t do too much – but we were able to check on all of the pumps and hoses to make sure they were working properly.  We also fed the fish.  Then in the mist – we drove around on the Cub Cadet to pass some time and check on things.  Farming is for the family.  They can and will learn and it’s our job to teach them.  I was thankful for a slower morning with him.

We will be at the Fort Mill Farmer’s Market this weekend. We’re excited to be able to offer Romaine this week.  2 heads of romaine will be sold together for $5.00.  In addition to the lettuce we will also have tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, and peppers.

See you Saturday!