This was a week of hard work.

The start of the week ushered in the realization that we had a small issue with the drain on one of our fish tanks.  This created a 2 hour adventure that involved some new piping and a loss of water.  Thankfully, despite the frustration, we were able to laugh about it.  Things seem to be on the mend and no fish or lettuce were harmed in the incident.

We also built 2 grow beds and prepped another bed for planting.  We planted spinach, carrots, and dinosaur kale.  We also plan to plant some Brussel sprouts, beets, and swiss chard in the next week or so.

Today we had the privilege to deliver fresh, local produce to the Dorothy Day Soup Kitchen.  One of our “neighbors” has committed to a weekly donation of produce to the Dorothy Day Soup Kitchen.  This is a win-win scenario for all involved.  We are excited about the generosity of this individual and the opportunity we have to provide produce to such a worthy cause here in Rock Hill, SC.  If you have the desire to do something similar – let us know – and let’s see what we can come up with.

Come see us at the Farmer’s Market this weekend.  We should have beans, beets, carrots, peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, radishes, and pickles!

PS:  Saturday is Jeremy’s birthday.  Tell him Happy Birthday if you see him!  🙂