Ups and Downs

This was a week of hard work. The start of the week ushered in the realization that we had a small issue with the drain on one of our fish tanks.  This created a 2 [...]

October. . .

October is here: Fall is not.  We were teased a few weeks ago with cooler temps.  However, we've found ourselves in a relatively warm and dry period.  Our grow beds at the farm are doing [...]


I don't know about you, but we're certainly glad to see the seasons changing here at the farm.  By God's grace we continue to be blessed with quite an abundance of tomatoes and peppers (go [...]


Everything at the farm is doing well.  The aquaponics system is full.  New beds are growing.  The more established beds are finishing up their life cycle. So with most things caught up. . . .Jeremy [...]

Quiet Week

Some weeks are hectic.  Others are quiet.  This was a quiet week.  We spent the first couple of days of the week preparing the farm for the weather that was to come from the remnants [...]


Life is hard.  There's chaos.  Loss.  Difficulty. Exhaustion. Back to school emotions. Covid emotions. The list goes on and on.  We all work and toil for the betterment of our families and those around us.  [...]

New Beginnings

This has been a week of new beginnings for many of us.  School has started back.  New classes, new friends, and in some cases new schools!  Here at the farm, we try to make sure [...]


Sometimes farm life equates to some trial and error.  Whether we've read something online, heard others talk about it, or "think!" it'll work - we may venture out and experiment with new ideas!  This week [...]

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